Ordering A Vital Record

State law limits access to vital records less than 100 years old to individuals named on the record, their spouse, registered domestic partner, descendants, parents or guardians, or their designated attorney, federal/state/local government, or genealogist or agent. You will be required to provide your name, address, date of birth, and driver license number for electronic identify verification, and appropriate proof of relationship documents when placing an order ($1.85 fee per transaction). The identity verification fee is non-refundable and applies whether or not the municipality is able to fulfill your order.

Genealogical Death Certificate Requests

Requests for genealogical searches. This site can be used to search and order Arkansas death certificates from 1935-1961.

Order Status

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What You Will Need to Begin
  • Credit Card
  • Valid driver’s license or two forms of alternate ID
  • Proof of relationship, change of name and/or address, if applicable

To save time in processing your request, verify the required documents for your order by using the Document Selector.

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