Ordering A Vital Record

The Office of Vital Statistics and Registry registers vital events & maintains the following records:

  • Birth records from the past 80 years
  • Marriage records from the past 40 years
  • Death records from the past 40 years
  • Domestic partnership records back to 2004
  • Civil union records back to 2007

Divorce decrees are available through the Superior Court Records Center at 609-421-6100

Genealogical Requests

Requests for genealogical searches must be completed by mail.

Amendment Requests

Submit the request with your order by uploading the REG-15 (Application to Amend a Vital Record) or TYPED explanation letter. You must include verifiable documentation to support the correction & proof of eligibility to obtain a certified copy. Sex Designation Change Amendments can be completed online here. Adoption & legal name change requests cannot be completed online. See the Vital Statistics website for more information.

Order Status

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What You Will Need
  • Credit Card
  • Valid driver’s license or 2 forms of alternate ID
  • Proof of relationship, change of name and/or address, if applicable

Verify which documents you need to upload with the Document Selector.

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