Indiana State Department of Health

Welcome to the on-line ordering system for certified copies of Indiana birth and death certificates! This system allows you to place your order, upload any required supporting documentation and use a credit card to pay for your order. Processing times could increase during peak times (holiday, travel, income tax months and school enrollment) and may take up to 6 weeks (30 business days) to prepare your order for shipping. Note: During peak times and holiday periods, the processing time may increase without notification. Then it will be shipped using the method you have selected. You will receive updates regarding your order to the email address you provide with your request.

***Once you submit your payment information there are 3 identity verification questions that MUST be answered to send your order to the Indiana State Department of Health. This is an anti-identity theft measure. If you do not answer the questions correctly, your order WILL NOT BE SUBMITTED.***

May I Cancel an Order?
If you have already submitted your order request and it has been approved and sent to the agency then your order has been finalized. is not able to cancel any orders or make any changes to the information once submitted.

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